DEFEND THE CLASSROOM! Building Power with Ira Shor

Published on: 31st March, 2022

How should we collectively defend classrooms from the neoliberal assault on democratic praxis and critical pedagogies? What histories, traditions, and alliances should shape our tactics?

Renowned critical pedagogue and prolific theorist Ira Shor, Professor Emeritus at CUNY Graduate Center, joins us to discuss these questions--and to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Nothing Never Happens.

Ira Shor has produced several foundational works in the practice of critical pedagogy. Some of his books include Culture Wars, Critical Education and Everyday Life, Empowering Education, When Students Have Power, and, with Paulo Freire, A Pedagogy for Liberation. Ira has supported this podcast since he agreed to be our first-ever guest back in March 2017.

Music by Aviva and the Flying Penguins, Paul Myhrie, Aliyah Harris, and Akrasis (aka Mark McKee + Max Bowen).

Logo design by Emily Vinick.

Co-hosted and co-produced by Tina Pippin and Lucia Hulsether.

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